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Kaiser Permanente research fuels smarter medicine
October 21, 2016

The Department of Research & Evaluation’s 2015 Annual Report details, through stories and statistics, how the connections between research and clinical practice result in smarter medicine at Kaiser Pe...
Improving Care Through Research: Combating Antibiotic Overuse
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Kaiser Permanente

Thanks to their bacteria-fighting properties, antibiotics have been important in combating serious diseases such as tuberculosis, as well as more common conditions such as ear infections. However, as ...
Collaborative Care Model Improves Physical and Mental Health
September 13, 2016
Kaiser Permanente

Coordinating patients’ diabetes and cardiovascular treatments with mental health care can reduce depression while improving patients’ glucose and blood pressure numbers. Kaiser Permanente Southern Cal...
The Role of Research at Kaiser Permanente
August 26, 2016
Kaiser Permanente

In a recent Q&A, Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH, senior vice president and chief operating officer for Clinical Operations, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, discusses the role of research at Kaise...
Exercise Not an 'Antidote' to Too Much Sitting, Heart Experts Say
August 15, 2016

Even if you exercise regularly, too much sitting can still be bad for your heart, a leading cardiologists' group warns. The American Heart Association (AHA) also says that too many people are spending...
Sedentary Time May Raise Heart Disease Risk – Sit Less, Move More
August 15, 2016
American Heart Association

Being sedentary is not just a lack of exercise, it is a potentially independent risk factor for heart disease and stroke, according to a science advisory from the American Heart Association. “We spend...
Resistant Hypertension Linked to Increased Risk of Sleep Apnea
Monday, August 15, 2016
Doctors Lounge

Among adults with hypertension, resistant hypertension (RH) is associated with increased risk of sleep apnea, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published online in the journal Respirology. Simra...
Children with Autism May Increase Siblings' Risk Of Developing The Disorder
August 12, 2016
Medical Daily

Although the exact cause of autism remains unknown, a recent study has found evidence that the risk of a child developing an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is 14 times higher if an older sibling has A...
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